Writers get special prizes

Festival Director Chris Hastings

SEIFF unveils prizes for award-winning writers

Writers who win awards at the inaugural SATISFIED EYE International Film Festival will each be given two valuable prizes along with their trophy and certificate.

Festival Artistic Director, Chris Hastings, has announced that each winning scriptwriter will receive a prestigious Shonda Rhimes masterclass and will also be given a recording of a table-top reading of their script by professional actors.

In a statement, Chris Hastings said:

“We’ve stressed from the moment we opened for submissions that providing value to filmmakers, writers, actors and everyone involved in the process is paramount to what we’re doing.  With that in mind, long before we launched the festival, we were talking to creatives to find out what THEY wanted.  This has very much shaped what we’re doing with our awards and prizes.

“Our priority is to ensure that an award at the Satisfied Eye International Film festival actually means something – that it’s an indication of distinction and quality.  As a producer I often receives scripts that are award winners at festivals.  Frequently, these are far below what the industry would expect and it makes me both disappointed (on behalf of the writer who hasn’t been given the courtesy of genuine and honest feedback on their work) and angry (as a writer myself who wasted considerable amounts of money when I was new to the industry on competitions that didn’t have any value).

“Consequently we have a very stringent judging process.  Not only does it mirror what you could expect if you submitted your script to an agent or production company (the only difference being that we read every script from first page to last, whereas most production companies etc will stop after the first couple of typos or incorrect formatting), our panel includes experienced industry alumni from professional writers, producers, directors, literary agents and film buyers – people who have all succeeded at the top of the industry and whose input and feedback comes from a place of industry experience.

“All submissions will receive a copy of our rating of their script (including typical areas such as structure, dialogue etc) and any and all judges notes.

“Those writers winning awards at the festival are then invited to a private networking event with the judges and other award winners.  It’s a chance to bring together people who can hopefully inspire each other but also offer new connections and a network for potential career growth.  While all award winners go away with a specially commissioned trophy and certificate, there are also prizes of Masterclass courses with Shonda Rhimes (a nod to our theme this year of women in the industry) and all winning scripts will be table read by professional actors and a recording of the session provided to the writer for their use.

“This is our inaugural year so we’re constantly looking to increase the prizes and will hopefully add to what is already there.  In future years we hope to increase this further, with the intention being to produce winning short scripts etc.”

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