Q&A with Liam Harris

28 Oct 10.00 am

Epsom Square

Q&A with the director of PERCHED

SEIFF is delighted to invite you to a screening and discussion with Surrey’s very own Liam Harris, director of the short film Perched. This animated film forms part of the SEIFF People’s Choice screening on 26 October.Liam Harris

Nominated for Best Animated Film, Best Student Film, and Best Surrey Film, Perched is a masterpiece in storytelling using pencil and paper.  Hamish Fint, a crotchety old man used to a life of seclusion inside his submarine balanced precariously atop a mountain, struggles to maintain equilibrium when an unwelcome visiting seagull rocks his world.

Liam Harris is a recent NFTS Graduate obtaining a Masters Degree in Directing Animation. From a young age, Liam was inspired to work in hand-drawn animation, having grown up with the likes of Raymond Briggs’s illustrations, Glenn Keane’s paper drawn Disney characters and Joanna Quinn’s energetic yet fluent pencil on paper animation, a traditional style he has since adopted into his film making. Liam is a true collaborator, passionate storyteller whose work has been showcased internationally.

Perched was my opportunity to make an animated short in the old fashioned way, with only the basics of paper and pencil. There is something so delicate and beautiful about this traditional technique and I really wanted to build a personal understanding of the character though this medium, with the intention of allowing the audience to make a more sincere and emotional attachment to the character.”

NB: Ticket includes the screening of Perched

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