Nominations for the Satisfied Eye International Film Festival Announced

With the full programme of events now published, the judges have released the nominations in all categories.  Winners will be announced and trophies presented at our awards ceremony on Sunday 28th October at the Queen’s Stand of the historic Epsom Racecourse.  Films are judged by a panel of industry and non-industry judges and includes the People’s Choice award which is chosen exclusively by a panel of cinema goers.

With a theme this year of Women Heroes, we will be presenting an award for best Female Director and are proud to have seen an incredible number of submissions that defy industry expectations.  Consequently this is an award that will remain a part of the festival in future years.

This is a ticket only event.  Tickets can be purchased for all events and screenings HERE

For a full list of nominations, see below:

Actor in a Leading Role

Simon Kane – Suicide Hotline

Brice Fournier – Black Spirit

Dominique Pinon – The Sleeper by the River

Actress in a Leading Role

Maia Nikiphoroff – Original Sin

Samantha Bond – Lady M

Aurelia Schikarski – Ainhoa

Marina Tomé – The Sleeper by the River

Actor in a Supporting Role

Jean-Michel Balthazar – Calamity

Victor Rebengiuc – Octav

Abdelkrim Bahloul – Waiting for You

Actress in a Supporting Role

Jo Mousley – Polterheist

Fanny Ardent – Waiting for You

Ewa Blaszczyk – Behind the Blue Door


The Road to Sparta

Tonic of the Sea

Goodnight Friend

Animated Film

After All



Multiplex 10

Martini Bombini O’Feeney Moonay

Big Booom

Foreign Language Feature Film

Original Sin

Behind the Blue Door


The Sleeper by the River

Foreign Language Short Film



Black Spirit


First Time Feature Film

Behind the Blue Door


Waiting for You

Surrey Film


Like Glass

An American Attorney in London

Student Film

Goodnight Friend



After Midnight In The Asphalt Jungle

Ready for a Baby

British Feature Film 


The Road to Sparta

Waiting for You


Ivan Sainz-Pardo – Ainhoa

Severine de Streyker & Maxime Feyers – Calamity

Charles Garrad – Waiting for You

Will Kenning – The Legend of Bob Leonard

Mariusz Palej – Behind the Blue Door

Serge Ioan Celebidachi – Octav

Manuel Sanchez – The Sleeper by the River

Female Director

Tammy Riley Smith – Lady M

Rowenna Baldwin – Goodnight Friend

Sai Deodhar Anand – D.A.T.E.

Tabatha Golat – United Guys Network

Eileen O’Mara – Panic Attack

Jean Lee – Original Sin

Production Design

Marie Lanna – Litterbugs

Calin Papura – Octav

Ben Smith – Waiting for You


Thomas Sandfield – Dead End

Ikbal Arafa – Black Spirit

James Friend – Lady M


Matis Rei – Robot & Scarecrow

Paul Wilson – Dead End

Simon Poole & Vicente Villaescusa – Pendulum


Adam Spinks – Like Glass

Tim Egan – Liz Drives

Charles Prince – An American Attorney in London

Original Score

Arturo Cardelus – Original Sin

Philipp Fabian Kolmel – Ainhoa

Vladimir Cosma – Octav


Lee Wong – Dead End

Lizzie Sharp – Liz Drives

Kerri Margo & Angel Tam – Pendulum


Ceri Walford – Litterbugs

Lauren Appleby – The Legend of Bob Leonard

Nabila Cherif – Black Spirit


Jean Lee & Maia Nikiphoroff – Original Sin

Severine de Streyker & Maxime Feyers – Calamity

Manuel Sanchez & Muriel Sanchez-Harrar – The Sleeper by the River

British Short

Suicide Hotline

La Merde

Ouija Sex


The Legend of Bob Leonard


People’s Choice





Robot & Scarecrow


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