To discover, promote, and exhibit exceptional work by global film-makers in a convivial environment which is more than just a film festival, but is an unforgettable experience for all involved, making SEIFF a world renowned and essential industry event.

SEIFF venue Epsom Playhouse

Dancer statue at Epsom Playhouse


The Satisfied Eye International Film Festival is an annual film festival which will be held in Epsom (Surrey, UK) and surrounding areas. The inaugural festival will run for three days and nights in the autumn of 2018, looking to increase to seven days and nights from 2019.


SEIFF will present a diverse programme of only the highest quality independent feature films, animation, documentaries and short films from all around the world.

SEIFF will look to make important discoveries of upcoming directors, actors, writers and all those involved in the filmmaking process, ensuring it’s a renowned and valued platform for both undiscovered talent and respected industry peers alike.

 Epsom is a centre for culture


Epsom Clock Tower


Our key objective is for SEIFF to be seen as a mark of quality and a SEIFF award to be a stamp of recognition and true validation.

With a large number of exceptional films being made that struggle to gain attention but deserve to be seen by critics, agents, peers and film lovers, SEIFF aims to bring to the festival the most superlative and creative films.

SEIFF will prioritise making the festival an attractive destination for agents, critics, investors and other career-makers turning it into one of the UK’s most influential festivals.

SEIFF will look to promote and advance the careers of independent filmmakers worldwide and will provide a printed brochure including details on screened and award-winning films to ensure maximum exposure, with complimentary copies presented to all of those involved in the festival.


A closing awards ceremony will provide a specially designed award to winners in all categories.  SEIFF aims for this to be a much-sought-after trophy. There is also an award for Best Woman Director which will be judged by its own panel.

SATISFIED EYE International Film Festival 2018 trophy

SEIFF award Best Picture 2018

The long-term goal of SEIFF is to offer accommodation and travel to all award-winners to ensure that (regardless of location) they are able to attend and enjoy their success, making this a truly global festival.





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SEIFF aims to be more than simply a forum for film, but a truly celebratory and inspiring occasion to remember for all involved.  This will include networking, screenings, social events and special guests.

The annual awards ceremony will give recognition to the best talent in front of and behind the camera with a gala ceremony open to filmmakers and the public.

SEIFF will be about people watching great films in a convivial and memorable atmosphere with great food and great drink.