Behind the Blue Door

28 Oct 10.00 am

Myers Studio, Epsom Playhouse

Fiction Feature: Behind The Blue Door

For 11-year-old Lukas, an incredible adventure begins the moment he and his mom set off on a long awaited summer holiday trip.  A car accident results in their hospitalisation.  When it turns out Lukas’ mom is in a coma, the boy must be taken care of by his only relative – aunt Agatha, whom he gets to meet for the first time in his life.  But at her guest house by the sea, all is not as it seems… behind the blue door, there is a world of imagination, dreams and a great mystery!  This is a fantasy adventure film about the power of love.  While it contains mild threat, it is about children and for the whole family. (Polish, subtitles – suitable for competent young readers)

Nominated for Best Director, Best First-Time Feature, Best Production Design, Best Visual Effects

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