2018 Trophy is Unveiled

SATISFIED EYE International Film Festival 2018 trophy

Trophies for 25 winners

The organisers of the SATISFIED EYE International Film Festival have unveiled the trophy for 2018.

A total of 25 of these trophies will be awarded to winners in each of the categories and they will be presented at the closing awards ceremony.

Artistic Director Chris Hastings said: “All winners will receive trophies, regardless of whether they attend the festival or not. Of course, we hope as many as possible will be able to join us, but if they can’t, we will send the trophy to them at our expense.”

Mr Hastings pointed out that a number of film festivals actually charge winners for trophies, and sometimes will only give them out to those who actually attend.

“As a matter of principle, we firmly believe that those who win trophies at our festival should not have to pay for them, or pay to have them sent to them,” he added. “We are currently seeking a sponsor to help us fund the 25 trophies, which will cost us over £500.”

Another point Mr Hastings was keen to stress was that the festival organisers have gone to great lengths to source a good quality trophy, one that is also well designed.

“We want this to be a much sought-after trophy that people will be proud of displaying. A win at SEIFF will become a real validation of their work,” he added.

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